🐱 Manicotti’s October πŸŽƒ

Today Manicotti has been quite patient with me.

He didn’t participate in morning prayer . . not sure why as he normally would see that as perfect snuggle time!

When I left for work he didn’t follow me to the door. . . a bit odd. But, when I came home, he greeted me at the door and needed hugs and kisses. πŸ’‹

When I showed him the fresh bag of Meow Mix I bought on my way home he was decidedly unimpressed. . also odd . . . .

As I was busy cleaning and sorting this afternoon I only gave him a few quick snuggles . . then I went into couponing mode so he couldn’t have custody of my pillow #maindailygoaliscoverbedpillowwithfur. . . .

He tried laying at the foot of my cot and survived that a while . . but it was simply an unsatisfactory way to be treated (he was laying behind me, but in my defense I petted him a Lot and gave him tons of hugs and kisses #toomuchtoolate). . πŸ˜‰ 🐱

So now he is napping on the carpet . . and none to happy with me . . poor baby


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