💥💖🙏Offer a Hug and a Prayer 🙏💖💥

Have you ever noticed those people on the street corners? You know the ones . . holding the cardboard signs . . a little scruffy . . hungry . . some could use a nice long shower . . .

Hard to miss them . . the sad eyes . . desperation on their faces . .

Have you ever stopped and wondered what they are really searching for?

Is it really your spare change?

The extra sandwich you packed in case you had to work late?

Next time could you, would you, please stop . . pull over . . get out and offer a hug and to pray with and for them . . pause your day to listen for five (5) minutes to their story.

Could we each leave 15 minutes earlier for work, class, shopping. . budget in some time to do God’s work . . to love on someone so desperate for even the tiniest morsel of Jesus’ love in their lives?!!



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