💥🙌 💖New Materials Arrived!! 💖 🙌💥

Hey there!

Welcome back, dear friends!!

I just received my latest order from Pocket Testament League and I am so pleased!!

Here’s what I ordered:

From the left .

~10 “You’re worth more than you could ever imagine” . . these I’ll give to preteen girls . . in our society they are so devalued and desperately need God’s love to show them their true worth in Him

~ 10 “Amazing Grace” with mini stories of Jesus life and some puzzles and games . . this is for the children in maybe 3rd grade on up (?)

~ 10 “God’s Words to You” . . basic Bible verses with cute pictures. . at the end of this one is a spot to record their decision to follow Jesus!!

These small items are amazing tools for working with children . . our church goes into the streets weekly to reach lost souls. I’d love to set up an area. . . say an old blanket/sheet spread on the ground. .. to sit with the children and share about Jesus’ love for them!!

🙏 Yes, that would be a huge blessing 🙏

Day 273/365


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