2.5 Miles Walked

A hiking adventure at Middlegrounds Metro Park:

Pretty wildflowers . .

Trees . . the colors are slowly changing. . .

Places to sit and read or just watch the Maumee River flow lazily by . .

A train bridge . . wish I’d seen a train too . .

Sunflower beckoning squirrels and birds . .

A trail . . not very long . . but long enough for a mini adventure . .

Plentiful rocks to sit on . .

Ponds for spying frogs and toads . .

How many types of frogs and toads can you find in local parks?

Sit on a rock and watch the river . .

High level bridge from underneath . .

A romantic place to swing with your sweetie . .

My Matt . . deep in thought for the entire walk . .

The view of downtown Toledo . .

So this was the inspiration for Muddy!!

2 responses to “2.5 Miles Walked”

    1. Time in the woods reconnecting with God, my son and creation . .


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