Morning Prayer

In the quiet of the early morning it is just God and I . .

Well, God, Manicotti and I. . . Matt’s crashed out šŸ’¤

Love like This via YouTube provides background music as I begin . .

The small candle is lit to remind me to pray for my home and yours #makeyourhomeahavenchallenge . .

Thy Will be Done always grounds me . . does it do this for you??

Finding new songs as I pray .. I’d Rather Have Jesus, Lord, I Want Pentecost, I Saw You in Calvary and ending with What a Beautiful Name.

My morning has begun . . with praise for my Lord and a humbling on my spirit . . and sweet worship songs in my heart. ā¤

Day 273/365

2 responses to “Morning Prayer”

  1. A beautiful way to start the day! I love the stillness of the mornimg to focus on God.

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