🍳 Tiny Kitchen ☕

Can you say compact? I refer to it as an afterthought. As in, “oops, we forgot a kitchen!”

Regardless it is nice to be able to cook. Remember how we used the coffee maker to cook meals on the boat? So, yes, this tiny kitchen is a blessing.

So .. counter space . . coffee maker and prep area are between the sink and apartment-sized stove . . we make it work. To the left of the sink is my drying mat (way nicer than a dish drainer!!) and a few canned goods (under the dish towel).

As we’ve been working hard at downsizing and minimalism the last two (2) years this kitchen fits in perfectly.

It really is all about what you make it.

Day 274/365

7 responses to “🍳 Tiny Kitchen ☕”

  1. Looks absolutely wonderful!❤

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    1. It’s cozy . . it’s teaching me more about organization!! 🍴

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  2. When my husband and I were first married we had a very small kitchen like this. I love your phrase, “oops…forgot…” :) But yes it was cozy!

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    1. Learning to make cooking in it the joy my big country kitchen with 5’×7′ pantry was . . learning to not be so spoiled


  3. ah yes! cosy is good! xo

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