🎃 Manicotti’s October 🐱

This morning Manicotti did not join me for prayer . . I’m kinda feeling jilted . . 😕 I think he may be a bit under the weather . . I can see it in his eyes and he’s been sleeping a lot more than usual. He’s FIV positive so we treasure his good days and dote on him as much as possible on bad days. 😷

Meanwhile I was blessed earlier when he chased wall rats (our building is old and he can here critters in the walls🐭). He ripped and tore through the apartment for a few minutes before returning to his regularly scheduled nap 💤 Since we have such a ferocious feline the critters never venture into our apartment. . they’d never dare!!

Tonight, when I finally came home from work, he met me at the door and greeted me. He showed me that he could see part of the bottom of his food dish (a sheer tragedy) and I fixed that. Then he went down for a nap.


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