💰Saving Money w/ Drivewise from Allstate!!🚙

I am loving this app as it’s already saving me money after only a few weeks (3?)!!

I automatically got approximately $3 off my monthly payment the day I set it up.

Then, because I allow them to see how/when I drive, I will be getting 8% back!!

Sweet ☺

And look at that $53.44 I have already earned . . how sweet is that??! I haven’t had time to look through the rewards I can redeem it for. I’ll update you once I get a moment to check that out.

I definitely could need it for something useful right about now . . a gas card at Speedway would make my day!! 🚙

2 responses to “💰Saving Money w/ Drivewise from Allstate!!🚙”

  1. really awesome! enjoy the savings!

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    1. Coupons are a fun game . .

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