Couponing . .?

Yes, I’m still struggling to get these coupons back in order. . these are coupons I clipped last time I pulled out my binder. Unfortunately I got tired and didn’t get these sorted into the right slots.

These are the bundles of coupons from newspapers that I still need to clip . .

Almost an ominous pile . .

Then there is the issue of me, for a brief unexplainable time, putting coupons into the wrong slots!! Yeah, that left me with a huge mess to sort. As a concession to my personal sanity I have decided to pull out misplaced and expired coupons as I go. Somehow the concept of having to first purge the binder seems overwhelming. This process is supposed to be fun!!

2 responses to “Couponing . .?”

  1. Coupons, found money!👍🌹

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    1. Yup! And, if I stack carefully with Menards deals I can get a lot of free stuff!!!

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