📞Defective Phone. . .?😉

Lately my phone’s keyboard has been more and more adamant that it be in charge.

Here’s what’s happening.. As I type it chooses to show other letters. I’ve been watching and I am hitting the correct letter . . regardless, it is posting otherwise . . so I’m considering an experiment. . what if I simply type and nit worry what it posts . .?

What would it look like if I decided to stop editing out all the mistakes made . . ? Would it be an incomptehensible mess utterly unreadable by anyone from this planet? Is it attempting to translate to some known/unknown language?

I find it very interesting that, when Im2 nit running this experiment it makes sooooo many mistakes . . butb when I’m simpky trying to blig or text a friend the mitakes are multitudinous!!

Hmmmmmm . ..


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