☕Whaling Willie’s Cafe 🐳 Algoe, NY 🍰

On your next road trip adventure through Agloe, NY be sure to stop at the Whaling Willie Cafe.

You may say “pickled what??!”, when they tell you the best selling side dish is pickled crow’s feet, but try some. . you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Also the snazzleberry pie served in paper towns such as Agloe is amazing!! Take some with you back to your car . . to warm your heart as you settle in for another night stealth camping.

And when you tell the waitress of your treetop romance and how your beau died trying to climb higher, she will surely ask, “did you pray for him . .? Did make sure he had accepted Jesus. And what will you say then . .? Yes, the waitresses at Willie’s are pretty upfront about the importance of salvation. They may even sit down and give you a quick Bible study over supper!!

2 responses to “☕Whaling Willie’s Cafe 🐳 Algoe, NY 🍰”

  1. great use of all the prompts! loved it!

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    1. Thanks!! Doing it that way is fun

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