📖Starting Back at the Beginning 📖

Hey there. . I’ve been praying and thinking . . yeah, I know .. . but I fasted again today . . until my client gave me a mini frozen candy bar @7:10pm . . but, I fasted and prayed like crazy till then. . still not seeing a change . . and I am wondering . . am I missing something .. doing something wrong . .? I know that He showed me some of His plans for my future . . and it all lines up . . yeah I cross-checked that cuz I can’t afford another dumb mistake. . I pray . . fast . . Bible study (alone, w/Matt, w/a client) . . . and I am getting back to sitting and just reading my Bible. . .

Okay, so back to basics. . time to look back at all I’ve been taught and go from there . . I do feel He is leading me to remember all the Bible lessons from over the last 20+ years . . . in there I believe is the answer . . I need to go back to what I was doing before . . going through old Bible study notes, looking it all up again, then posting it here . . I literally have years of Bible study notes to still go through . . some in depth and some skim the surface, depending on the church I was attending. . but all are helpful in growth.

Also, right now I am single . . as in not dating for the last how many years(?!!) . . so now is a good time to make changes . . get me on track to how He wants me to live my life . . . . and I truly believe that is 100% between the Lord and I . . and those who are really my friends will still be that . . and a man who sees what God is doing in me will love me more for who I am in Him. I am not wanting to conform with the world. I’ve never been a fashion plate by any means. I’m me . . I dress and act like me . . I worship like me (quiet and reverent . . thankful for all He’s saved me from all my life) . . . I seriously don’t need the latest clothes and shoes. . I need to humbly follow my Lord’s directions . .

yes. ..

I do fully realize we are saved by grace and that that is all that is needed . . in oversimplified theory anyways . .

but .. .

as much as He needs us to pray and read our Bibles, He also needs us to study so that we may be obedient.

Even if we were to mistakenly disregard all OT rules as being irrelevant due to the cross, there are still NT rules to consider!

And . .

10 Commandments are OT rules

So, if the tearing of the veil means all OT laws are irrelevant. .

Wow, then we’re also dropping. . .

10 Commandments. .

and the . .

Law of Reciprocity

Law of Perseverance 🐣

The Covenant 🌈

Etc . .

So we can’t lump the whole OT into a pile as just interesting history lessons . . or as some state, just parables . . .

*shudders and feels sick*

No, we need to study . . know what to disregard and what we need to obey.

It’s simply not a situation of get saved then run amok.

I, personally, don’t want to knock on heaven’s door and have God say, “I showed you how to live your life and you refused to obey. Do you honestly think I want you in here after you continually snubbed your nose at me?! Really??!!?!?”

2 responses to “📖Starting Back at the Beginning 📖”

  1. You are doing amazing! Keep it up! ❤

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    1. Thank you. . . it is fun to go back through these old notes. . I get new revelation and remember past church services and classes 💜📖💜

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