1 Peter 1

Last night the Lord led me to read 1 Peter 1 . . I was beginning a lite phase. . sort of preliminary looking into what resources I have available . . for some things I want to study more deeply. I went to my Bible first for potential study verses, then to All the Women of the Bible as I remembered there was a bit of good commentary on my chosen subject to be had.

As with any good Bible study I found tangent and necessary studies in this one also. This is because there are quite often layers of information we must fully understand in order to properly process and obey. In order for me to completely understand my initially intended study I must first lay the groundwork of understanding the intricacies around it.

1 Peter 1 is the beginning of me trying to fully understand. 😊

1:2~ prayerfully electing. . . taking all we know of God and putting that behind our vote. . making that vote count for Him!

1:8~ we love, believe and rejoice in one we have not seen

1:12~ the angels are watching and learning from us

1:14~ be “as obedient children”

1:17~ God judges us according to our works

1:22~ purified souls = unfeigned love of brethren

Verse 12 was my target verse in my initial study. The rest are gravy . . extra supplemental learning is always a blessing.

And verse 12 . .? God has placed us above the angels. There are things we do that they do not understand . . they are learning from us. We are to be a wholesome example to them being obedient so that that is what they observe.

This study will definitely bless day and I hope it blesses yours also! Please, pause a minute to look up this chapter. Once you’ve read through it do some cross-referencing. . . look up what catches your eye/stirs your soul . . a deeper understanding is 100% gain.

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  1. Happy you are learning new things from this bible study! ❤

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