šŸ’°80% Savings at Walgreens!!

Hey there!

Do you like making money just by living your life?

Do/could you shop at Walgreens?

Here’s a trick I found and totally love!!

First, run to your local Walgreens and get their free card and key fob. They’ll set it up right at the register!

Next, download the Walgreens app:

Then download the ‘Fit’ app:

Now link the Fit app to the Walgreens app . . you can do this from the Walgreens app.

Here’s how you get the free money (to spend in Walgreens): simply keep your phone (or whatever device you put those apps on) in your hand, pocket, etc when you are awake. As you walk, jog at home, work, the park .. it is measuring how long and fast you move then giving you corresponding points.

{Since I left Walgreens at 8:23 last night I have earned almost $3!!}

Imagine that over a month or year!!


So . .

I took my points and headed to Walgreens . . I had my coupon binder (still not organized) and a plan to restock toilet paper as my trial run . .

Once in Walgreens I assessed the TP selection then found all of my filed coupons were expired! šŸ˜’ Leafing through unclipped coupons I found $1 off one Charmin mega roll . . woohoo . . . and a 4-pack of Charmin mega was $6.99 ($7.50 including tax) . . how did simple TP get this expensive?!?!

Okay, so $6.99- 1.00 coupon . . leaving $5.99. .

Then I applied the $5.00 on my Walgreens card . . leaving $0.99

That $0.99 plus the original $0.51 tax owed and I paid $1.50

2 responses to “šŸ’°80% Savings at Walgreens!!”

  1. Amazing! We dont have many rewards at stores like wallgreens! We dont have that store in ireland too bad for me šŸ˜€

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