I’m Back!! πŸ₯³

Chasing rabbits down a hole..?

Hey, all!! So good to be back on WordPress!! I’ve missed all your smiling faces…

No, I’ve not been off chasing rabbits down a hole.. I’ve been off in other adventures that led me back to you!!

So, let me ask you.. I do so need your input and want to provide posts you love..

What most interests you? Homesteading? Autism/Asperger’s? Recipes? Prayer/Bible study? Creative writing/original stories? Pictures of my area? Urban exploring?

Please, let me know in the comments!!

So, here’s my plan … I want to post my urbex/urban exploring on a page just for pictures (if it allows captions).. the rest will be here on my regular blog…


There will be some posts that are subscriber only… Those might be behind the scenes, better recipes, ect..

If you want to see what I’ve posted lately, head to http://www.patreon.com/karenjoyce.. most of what’s there is free.. any of those topics you’d like to see continued here??

4 responses to “I’m Back!! πŸ₯³”

  1. Welcome back :) xx

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    1. Thank you 😊.. it’s a huge relief πŸ€—


  2. Welcome back to WP. I think I would enjoy any of the topics you mentioned.

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    1. Awesome!! Thank you for your feedback 😊


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