🐍Under My Trailer🐍

I found him when I was cleaning here..

This little guy lives under my trailer but also hangs out in my yard!!

He (she?) is a little cutie. .. really just a resident here and not an assistant to the homestead as he eats worms vs pests. All in all, nonvenomous and not a menace  ….  a quiet resident. 🐍

So, as I’m googling, I’m seeing that, apparently, all snakes are edible (if prepared properly).. so, this little guy could be considered livestock!!

Your thoughts? 🍲🐍🍲

2 responses to “🐍Under My Trailer🐍”

  1. My husband and I were talking the other day about eating frog legs vs snake (we have tried neither) not sure we came to a conclusion but we have populations of both here.

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    1. Nice! So you can slowly work on trying both then look at those populations as livestock 🐸🐍

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