😌Calm from Obedience📖

I am going through a time of huge transition.. it is a lot of change all at once, yet very slowly over time..

As with any abrupt, though greatly prayed for, major change, this is an upheaval..

I’ve been (have allowed myself to be) tossed to and fro as on crazy waves.. this change really doesn’t have to be like this.. really it can be a huge calm quiet blessing…

I sought support from another involved but it’s a lot of change for them too.. I really need to navigate this with God as my pilot.. and I’ve known this…

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t need to share/communicate with that other person.. but, for right now, my insecurities and inner battles are too much..

But not too much for God.. 🙏

So.. my Bible sits next to me on my bed.. handy right there.. but I haven’t opened it in a few days.. God’s still taking me slowly through.. verse by verse and showing me how it applies to my life .. this has really been life changing in a crazy-good way!!

So I opened my Bible and He took me back to this verse.. I’m still in the same book and chapter.. and this verse is where He is currently teaching me..

Genesis 26:5

I will do this because Abraham obeyed me and kept my orders, my commandments, my statutes, and my instructions.”

Yes, He and I have been going through what He knows I understand but am not doing.. this, for my today, us the key to future success in Him.. rather than ask others what to do next, look to my Heavenly Father and His teachings.. all I need to know is in His Word..

Obedience brings blessings..

And an abundant sense of calm 😌

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