Unusual Blessings

My teeth are bad.

This is not due to neglect, as so many assume. I was born with little to no enamel on my poor teeth. No protective barrier.

The cause? During the 1960s women were given DES for morning sickness. It has unknown side effects… babies born with yellow teeth (no enamel), being prone to miscarriage and cysts in our abdominal area, ect

So, I have struggled to keep my teeth in one piece. And I’ve also struggled with pregnancy issues and cysts.

Bring all this to 2020…

I’m now 56 yrs young …

Covid-19 hits and that week, as I’m eating the most delicious mashed potatoes my sweet son ever made, my teeth begin to crumble in my mouth!! Then, pustules of infection begin to burst 🥴🤢

Because of the covid-19 panic I was unable to find a dentist.. all I could do was get extra sleep, take Tylenol and pray more .. lots of soft foods.. no chewing!!

Imagine my delight when I finally found a dentist that accepts my insurance and was accepting new patients!!

I had an appointment yesterday and was excited and nervous.. I really was thinking they’d put me on heavy antibiotics then pull teeth later . But, who ever knows for sure?!!

They peeked in my mouth, took x-rays and told me I needed antibiotics and to come in Monday for 4 extractions and 2 root canals!! 😊

I am so beyond grateful to God for pointing me to this dental office🙏🙏

When all is finally done I will have shattered teeth gone, salvageable teeth restored and a partial made..

All be able to smile for the first time in I don’t know how long!! 😁

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