🐔Looking Back/Farming Forward 🚜

Sharing a dust bath!

As we look ahead, IMHO, we would be amiss to not look back. During the Great Depression families were so much more self-sufficient than today.

What do I mean by that? Large vegetable gardens for those who lived in town. Many had their own chickens in their backyard. Some families raised meat rabbits.

Imagine baking a cake with eggs fresh from your own chickens! Eggs where you know for sure what the chickens ate and what environment they were exposed to!

Daily fresh eggs!
My humble chicken run and teeny tiny vegetable garden…

I would dearly love a home that was self sustaining! Can you even imagine having all your basic needs met within your home? Water, electric, food… and it could provide a source of income also if handled correctly and carefully.

Look back also at a 1930s School Lunch Menu. What were schools feeding children in the 1930s, before the days of a truck delivering frozen meals to your local school?

Imagine a freshly cooked school lunch for your children! 🥗🍲🍛 What would it do for the learning environment if our kids had home cooked lunches served at school??!

Looking forward as our world changes so drastically, what would you think of looking back?

Every home (urban/suburban too) having a small family farm to sustain the household?

Schools providing home cooked meals?

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