Looking Forward…

Do I head this way?

🎙️Listen to my podcast first so you understand this and future posts!

Or would this way be better?

At some point we all come to a place of making serious decisions… sometimes the decisions make themselves… sometimes it’s better to just float along and trust God will show you…

Years and years of praying, giving up trying, praying more, crying out to God then jumping into a full fledged wrestling match with Him for a final answer .. sometimes that is what it takes to make a decision…

Saying to Heavenly Father, “What’s my next step on the path You have for me?”, brings total release of responsibility for decision making!! 🙏

“Lord, dear sweet Heavenly Father who always loves and watches over me, You take over.. I’m stepping back, resting… You lead me minute by minute on this new journey! ” 🥰🙏🥰


Sitting here in the midst of intensely answered prayers … knowing God has directed me to sit back, allow my husband to lead… pray for him… but let him lead!

I know that he is a praying man and has our best interest at heart and a solid plan for our family.. but I am learning to wait on his timing and details.. all the while he’s waiting on God’s direction..

Coming under my husband.. yes, a New Testament directive for the husband to be the head over the wife and God to be the head over the husband.. 📖

Many find this difficult to swallow, but it is Heavenly Father’s way and His plan for us!

While I wait?

Well, I’m not exactly just sitting in a corner twiddling my thumbs!

Watch future posts to see all I’m doing to prepare for what God has for us next!!

4 responses to “Looking Forward…”

  1. Guiltless Passion Avatar
    Guiltless Passion

    I struggled surrendering authority to my husband but WOW God moves mightily in him and he is a great leader🙏🏼we must trust in Gods plans

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    1. Amen! God moves in mysterious ways and leads us to let our husbands take their God given roles 🙏 It’s a true blessing on my life when my husband acts as a husband should. Then I can step back and be a better wife. 🥰🙏🥰

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      1. Guiltless Passion Avatar
        Guiltless Passion

        Yes!! Proverbs 31 wives🙏🏼

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      2. Definitely 😍🥰🙏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🥰

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