Rambling from the Homestead

Chickens as Security!

When I went out this morning there was a groundhog in the chicken run! The chickens were in the coop guarding their food and water. When I saw what was going on they ran over to pick at him and I told them, “get him! Peck him! Chase him!” They did and he left fast. 😁🐔

So, what have I been thinking about? So so much…

I am feeling a bit more like me.. sharing with you a bit about why I’m not as open/transparent has done a world of good. I can breathe again .. 😌

⛵ First off, Hector and I are planning to eventually get a sailboat! I’m not sure yet on our time frame, but know it is a definite in our future.

My sweet Elan became available to purchase and I went to check her out…

She’s had some trouble but is still so beautiful to me! The current owner (whom I gave her to a couple years ago) did repaint above the water line and says he also redid below the water line.

The last time he had her out on Lake Erie the mast broke off …

Mast was rotted.
Ripped open the deck.

Ok, so these repairs are doable, but.. as we are both really starting over in almost every way, we are stepping back a bit… I do dearly love that little boat.. the fact that she’s a blue water sailboat makes her ultra hard to part with for sure! For now, though, we are waiting.. in a few months, once we’ve settled in and feel we have the extra finances, we will revisit this boat and see if she’s still available.. ⛵😌

Autism/Asperger’s and Moving Out

As hard as it can be to see a normal child move out on their own, it is so much more so when your child is special needs.

Matt moved out. Not gently and sweetly, but packed up and left with the girlfriend. Told me, “I need a break.”

There I stood in utter disbelief. How do you even prepare for a child you’ve provided 24/7 care for to just leave? 😔

It was shell shock, like a bomb dropped on my home and my life. He didn’t take all his stuff and left things strewn about the living room, kitchen and his bedroom.. a mess for me to tackle and a level of total disrespect for me and our home I’d never experienced from him before. 😟

I do understand what he meant by “a break” as I was not allowing him to sleep over at her trailer and was expecting him to study and help with household chores. He was also working part-time in the trailer park.. he was definitely feeling overloaded and put upon by my standards!

As Christianparents, though, it is our job to expect, demonstrate and teach certain standards.

Overnights with a girlfriend aren’t acceptable. Schoolwork must be done. Each family member needs to help with chores. If you want extra money, you need to work for it.

Basic facts of proper life. Our job is to train them not applaud everything they do and be their best friend!!

And so…

Time Marches on… Sliding through that crazy hourglass faster every day!


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