🕷️Revenge of King Sporad 🦗

Nothing quite impressive about simple fungus..

But feathers having fallen so hidden in the crevice high in the tree, a token of the spiralling descent of their once private land, set off a unimagined set of events. This land was a certain land, a land set aside …

Word came to the King of the Wolf Spiders. Although old, wrinkled and gnarled he was wise beyond years and had been a great king since before anyone could remember. 👑

Sitting at the edge of his kingdom on debris left by invaders bent on taking his world apart, he paused.. amidst the sound of the forest he prayed…

King Sporad had never been a particularly articulate speaker having come from humble means and being self-taught, but he always seemed to be able to share clearly when in prayer.. and, more importantly, his Lord had always responded!

King Sporad lay down and covered his face with his front legs.. he opened his heart and prayed in words and songs…

Suddenly a katydid landed on an abandoned tire on the edge of the forest and he heard God say, “send in the katydids!”

King Sporad jumped to his feet! His Heavenly Father had spoken!! 🙏

King Sporad spoke at length with this katydid, King Glaxis and a plan was set. The katydids would take a week to prepare..

Then they would beset the homes and land of those whom had begun the attack on their lands!! The attack would begin at midnight on the eve of the next human holiday so they would be distracted and would awaken to devastion the next day … they would be defenseless against an overnight attack done in silence!!

6 responses to “🕷️Revenge of King Sporad 🦗”

  1. Revenge seldom ends well…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Imagine waking to find only certain people’s land was bare of vegetation!!


      1. Even so… there are better ways…


    1. Thank you for the link!! 🤗🤗


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