🙏He is Our Safety📖

This morning I was doing my time alone with God.. not prayer while I work  or clean my house.. this was my private undistracted time for He and I. .. I was listening to Christopher Berla on YouTube .. such a blessing! 🙏

He was teaching about a dream God gave him about “Jesus is Coming/Purity/Rest .. about Psalm 91…

Seriously, our only protection for all the bizarre, out-of-season, odd things coming… all that can save us is a close relationship with Heavenly Father!! But not just prayer and Bible reading.. obedience, applying the Bible to our lives.. be pure for Him.. read your Bible to understand what He asks of you.. go through the New Testament to start and look at what God is saying.. how should you treat others? {stop making fun of people, stop judging other’s salvation..} how does He ask you to dress? What does He say about prayer time? Studying the Word? Caring for and providing for others? Taking a day off for time with Him?

As things get odder daily.. as we know less and less what’s coming tomorrow.. we need to seek a closer and closer relationship with our Heavenly Father 🙏📖

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