🕷️Zeustus-Octaganus 🕷️

As King Sporad’s subjects began preparing for fall they were stocking up on food, sealing their homes, exploring in the crunchy leaves, camping with friends and dreaming of snowy days.

There had always been a distant slightly nagging worry that the plentiful forest would one day become an obstinate and desolate wasteland.

It was really hard to feel any sympathy for people who would clean up their own land in a persnickety way by dumping all their debris into the forest.

As King Sporad’s subjects patrolled they saw that part of the forest had been cut back all the way to the ground along an old road on the very edge of the forest! 🌳 A small garden planted in honor of the king’s late mother was now decimated.

King Sporad sent out his special minions of magical glowing spiders ..

photo courtesy of Matthew Joyce

The glowing spiders, Zeustus-Octaganus, were sent to round up all associated humans and cage them until a trial could be held.

Deep deep in the forest King Sporad had awesome cages suspended from the tallest trees … The prisoners would have a birdseye view of all the splendor of the forest they’d been a party to destroying…

2 responses to “🕷️Zeustus-Octaganus 🕷️”

  1. Hiya! I loved this! Very nicely done! <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 I love taking prompts and creating a story!!


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