Genesis 27:35~ God’s Answer

35 Isaac said, “Your brother has already come deceitfully and has taken your blessing.”

Sometimes it may seem that someone has swooped in and taken what should be ours.. this can really hurt and be baffling. We may have been planning for a coming blessing only to have it yanked away out of the blue.

But, God has a plan!

He knew this was coming!

He has something better for us so had to allow our anticipated blessing to disappear. With the old in place the new and better could not come!

Sit back a minute..

Pray and trust God.. 🙏

Take a minute and go into His Word.. languish there and absorb what He has to say to you about your situation and the perceived loss..

Then be thankful He had the foresight to protect you from the old and escort in a new better life!! 🙌

2 responses to “Genesis 27:35~ God’s Answer”

  1. Amen! 😀 brilliant! 🙂 stay strong! Lots of hugs! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 you too 🤗🤗


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