🧵Making Masks😷

Tonight I broke out more material from my stash. This was material I originally bought to make designer baby dresses, but I have 12 cut out already, so . . .

Yes, I’m throwing some of my favorite material into hand sewing masks. I’ve been wanting to do this for months but made #forcedmyself to sew my way through my used clothing and scrap stash first.

And, secret excitement.. I’ve owed Bee🐝 a mask forever and am mailing her 2 shortly!! You see, I ran a deal on my Patreon that any new patrons would receive a hand sewn one of a kind face mask. Although Bee was a seasoned patron, she’s so appreciated!! As a non-related patron and one who encourages me at every turn she makes my life better.. more than just “better”..

I’m mailing her 2 masks. I just finished sewing these last night and washed them tonight. They will be sealed in a ziploc bag before mailing so will arrive fresh and disease free. We absolutely have to keep Bee healthy!! 🤗🐝🤗🐝🤗🐝

4 responses to “🧵Making Masks😷”

  1. Awesome! I love bee too she’s a true friend! She’s been an amazing friend to me! Enjoy making the masks! 😍🙌

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    1. Yes, she is!! Mailing them today ☺️


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