🗑️Princess Serenity’s Plea🌱

The trash was becoming entangled in the rapidly growing vines and becoming a swinging hazard in the strong spring winds! This setback in the forest conservation was pulling the creatures into a sad sad place.

Milk white blossoms floated down from the trees on the morning breeze as Princess Serenity wandered the forest. Cool breezes wafted gently through the forest despite deeply felt tensions.

Princess Serenity felt the longing to inure a special border garden to ebb the undesirable flow of destructive human traffic through the forest. That nadir had come to relations with human neighbors was baffling to her!

Man had come stomping through, hands dropping trash everywhere in/out of sight touching and destroying lives if the forest creatures/guardians.

Serenity sent out a plea/edict/decree unto the forest and village inhabitants:

Lover of the forest, oh reach out with caring hands and renew the destruction!!

4 responses to “🗑️Princess Serenity’s Plea🌱”

  1. Really great story loved it! <3

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  2. Thank you for joining us. What a beautiful, heartfelt message. The planet deserves our love and respect.

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