🕷️Calling on the Mouse Troops… 🐁

Mice, yes mice, the forgotten troops hidden deep in King Sporad’s forest. They were the secret weapon when all else failed.

It had been several days since the decree from Princess Serenity and still no humans had come to clear the trash and debris from the forest.

Sadly King Sporad climbed to the top of his castle and looked out over his kingdom. Princess Serenity so loved the forest and now she was unhappy.

King Sporad lifted an ancient horn blowing long and hard into it. It echoed eerily across the forest. . .

The troops of mice readied for battle. .  

4 responses to “🕷️Calling on the Mouse Troops… 🐁”

  1. What a lovely tale that is at once magical and yet, likely, real.

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  2. awesome story loved it! ❤

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