🕷️Serenity’s Plan 🌳

Princess Serenity looked out if her room towards the village and saw… she saw.. well, roads leading from the village to the forest!

New roads!

Freshly cleared! 🚧

To some this would seem like a  mild situation.. but . . the roads all ran to the forest and came to an abrupt stop, as though they would eventually enter the forest.

King Sporad’s forest was only sustainable by being carefully watched and maintained. Roads through it, with the associated car fumes and tossed trash along with careless hikers, ect.. “Well,” thought Princess Serenity sadly, “that would destroy our unique home!” 🕷️😟

The tiny worm snakes coiled about the endless shades of pine green deep in the forest, content in the peace of their life. Being tucked away was a blessing as they were always safe. 

As storm clouds began to blow in Princess Serenity realized something must happen. Somehow she would have to appeal to the humans’ hearts…

The yards, so fresh, green and perfect, would make a sumptuous feast!

Without working together the humans’ gold coffers would soon be empty and the crisp bite of environmental poverty would finally hit them.

The humans needed a true renaissance of caring for all the creatures in the planet. A pretty rock is not just a souvenir. Trash scattered or trees carelessly plowed under are not things to thumb your nose at as you head out for a latte.

Our relationship with nature should be Coup de Foudre!

2 responses to “🕷️Serenity’s Plan 🌳”

  1. Awesome story hun! Loved it! 😀

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    1. Awe, thank you.. I owe it all to the prompts

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