đź‘–Personal Style vs Suitable Survival Clothingđź‘—

Clothing I have in my closet is not all my taste as most of it is hand-me-downs.. not that I’m unappreciative.. I am..

Not much of what I have defines my personal style. It, instead, defines a combination of the styles of my many benefactors. . .

My style? I love long dresses like what’s on Outlander and similar shows.. Native American dress… Really many earlier period styles for women!

My question though is, are these really prepper friendly? Can I accomplish all I would need to in a grid down, post-apocalyptic, survival, civil war scenario in this style dress?

What situations am I realistically going to come up against if things are shut down? Is it going to be a situation of a lot of climbing and running through the woods, hiding? Looking at hunting and fishing and gardening mostly? I don’t know and that’s how I need to streamline my wardrobe.

I really love like the longer skirts and dresses I look at on shows like Outlander The Hobbit. Any of the older Irish/Scottish dresses are really super cute as are some of the western skirts. I really love skirts and things like that and I know that women survived for thousands of years in dresses so I’m not going to say that this is an impossibility. I have to find what works best for me and find things that I think are cute too.

I think my initial step right now is going to be going through my clothing and looking at how it fits me then eliminating things that I just don’t like. Begin looking as I watch TV, “wow, I like that!”, and begin one at a time looking for items whether it’s at thrift stores or at regular stores. Then not just can I wear this to work, but will it work on my job, will it work on my daily life? Not just things that are cute for going out places because that’s not really what I want and I don’t really go many places where I dress up and I don’t want to. I’m looking for everyday clothing that’s really super comfortable but also is my style that reflects me and is suitable for post-apocalyptic life!

2 responses to “đź‘–Personal Style vs Suitable Survival Clothingđź‘—”

  1. Awesome! Have fun looking! It’ll be fun to find new clothes! <3

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    1. Carol Anne, yes too fun!! I want to search thrift stores for better deals and I think they’ll have more if the styles I want. I rarely find anything cute at regular stores. 🛍️

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