Dove Deodorant ~ 0% aluminum

Have you tried the 0% aluminum Dove deodorant?

Trying to avoid the side effects of rubbing aluminum under your arms?!!

I seriously recommend you try this.

I bought the coconut and pink jasmine scent. I love both and together they provide a light refreshing aroma.

Now, do take note… this is only a 24 hour deodorant.. so you will have to wash your armpits and apply more daily….. that’s a small cost for a healthier body!!

2 responses to “Dove Deodorant ~ 0% aluminum”

  1. Love dove deoderant! I will try it out! I love the scents you chose too!

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    1. It smells heavenly, but is such a light scent only I can smell it.. that’s important in client care (no strong scents)

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