👒Head Coverings 🧕

Hey, so earlier today something popped up about reading 1 Corinthians 11:1-?  and I was so excited! I love that section of the Bible because it is the easiest to obey.. well, for me it is.. not to say that I’m always obedient to it.. but it’s one I dearly love and long to fulfill 100%

I looked it up on fb but couldn’t find anywhere who sent it to me.. but I found this really great Holy Spirit filled video on head coverings for women and why we need them.

My CEB Bible

I used to cover my head during waking hours… I let 1000 dumb excuses stop that.

I need to please my Heavenly Father.. He has done so much in saving me.. watching over me even in my rebellion.. accepting me back after a long drawn out tantrum!!

How much do I owe Him in comparison to simple acts of obedience? 🙏📖🧕

2 responses to “👒Head Coverings 🧕”

    1. I do see such a difference in my day with just this small act of obedience…
      And it’s fun to try new coverings!!


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