🌱A 🏕️ Compromise 🌳

Princess Serenity journeyed to the edge of the forest for a meeting with the villagers. She was enjoying the fall colors but, as she neared the edge…

… she saw how close and stark the village really was!

“Hmmm,” though Serenity, “maybe we need a buffer between the edge of our forest and their village!” She had the urge to build a high thorny 🌹 wall covered with poisonous snakes 🐍 but had an even better idea!

Recovery of the damaged parts of the forest would take time but could be done, if the humans would carefully remove all their debris..

The elders had foretold of a day when the two world’s must work together as one or perish together .. 🌱🌳🌎🕷️

7 responses to “🌱A 🏕️ Compromise 🌳”

  1. Is this in response to the prompt image?

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    1. Such a beautiful face of wisdom and love


    2. Did I not participate correctly? 😕🙁


  2. Wonderful autumn leaes for today :D

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  3. Nice! Really enjoying these! xo


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