⛵I Need a Boat!!⛵

Okay loves, so you all know that we had a boat and we were living on our boat and that that had to stop at some point because the boat had issues. We didn’t have enough experience. I didn’t know enough to know, ” hey I just have to keep going forward and not give up.”⛵💔⛵

Here we are again with me thinking about us needing a boat. I know that we do definitely need one. I know that a boat is something that God has planned for us.

As my timeline last time was too short, I’ve set five years this time. More than a year means less stress or last ditch options..

I’ve begun boat shopping and have an initial list of my needs. I am, at this point, looking at this as a solo adventure, but am keeping an eye out for boats that would comfortably accommodate additional people.

I’ve also begun educating myself about boats and sailing, something I should have completed before my last venture into sailing!


I am still missing my poor Elan and am praying about that situation..

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