đź’•Restoration isn’t Easy..đź’”

This road I walk isn’t necessarily an easy walk. It’s fraught with love, passion, heartache, laughter, smiles, tears and heartbreak.

Not for the faint of heart nor the non-praying…

It’s accepting your prodigal spouse back and still loving them when they are fully and thoroughly unlovable to anyone except God!

It’s hitting your knees, praying as you drive and pound on the steering wheel tears running down your cheeks screaming out to God for greater understanding, perseverance and patience.

It’s finding ways to love and appreciate them as you continue to pray over them.

It’s remembering to care for yourself and look to your own future as you pray for ways to be a better spouse to them.

It’s a work of deepest sincere love as you plow through deep valleys keeping your eyes firmly focused on the mountain top and the future you’ll have serving Him together!!

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