🧟‍♂️Night Security~ are You Ready?!🧟

I wandered out back as there was a lot of weird noise. I have to admit that I hadn’t wandered out back after dark before this.

That was a mistake!

Yes, I’d been all over my yard during the day and felt like I knew it well. Dark of night and a prowler make it a whole different critter.

Walking toward the back I noticed especially how vulnerable my chickens were to passersby.

Then there’s the fact that I back up to a major street.. ugh! My yard is wide open… no fence or barrier of any kind.

I could see, in the distance, that someone was walking along the guardrail and climbing back and forth over it clumsily. They’d cut across my yard enough that they’d triggered my security light and upset my chickens.

Too Close for Comfort!!

I also noticed that, at that time, all the work I’d been doing on my lot had created quite a mess of scattered sticks, ect.. tripping hazards for me in the dark.

Next step?

Well, I’ve begun planting a living hedge. Hackberry and redbud trees have gone in already along my backyard property line. Raspberry, blackberry, rose, current and gooseberry bushes will form a nice fence between the trees with no gaps for intruders to walk through. Inside my new fence line I’ll add a few dwarf fruit trees.

Obviously this won’t be 100% zombie-proof, but… my lot won’t be looted until others have been.

Where are you with perimeter security? 🌳🐕🦆

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