🕷️A New View 🏞️

Princess Serenity woke to a fine mist of a rain over the forest. She’d fallen asleep to the sound of a warm dry wind through the treetops and the swaying of her home..

As she looked out her window she saw storm damage and wondered how such a storm could have blown through while she slept so peacefully!

In the distance, to her utter amazement, she saw a beautiful misty lake! On the edge of the lake was a young man standing on a fallen tree. He slipped, muttering, “Covfefe!!”, and barely managed to stay on the tree.

Serena headed towards the lake. “Why didn’t I know this lake existed?!!”, she wondered aloud.

As she came to the edge of the forest, the view of the lake spread before her, made visible by an overnight landslide.

A family of friendly toads came out of their mushroom cottage, eighteen teeny tiny toads hopping around their parents all talking at once about the landslide and the lake and school and adventures!

Princess Serenity sat down to a scrumptious fern tea and horse flies muffins. 🧁

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