🕷️Serenity’s Trapped?!🚪

Princess Serenity rose from the delicious tea party, thanked her hosts and walked slowly towards the edge of the forest overlooking the misty lake. The landslide had exposed a door in the forest floor long hidden by decades of leaf litter and vegetation.

Serenlity approached the door she moved swiftly, leaving behind her guards. The door pulled open with a swift tug and Serenity stepped into a lift that immediately went down, the door slamming shut behind her! 🚪

The lift seemed to descend forever as though going to the center of the earth! Princess Serenity felt along every wall and the floor and ceiling for some way to stop the lift and escape. She found an aquiline area near the floor, hooked her big toe in it and yanked as hard as she could. …

The lift came to a screeching halt!!

The door opened so so slowly…

Outside the door was water .. lightly littered with newly fallen leaves… 🍂🍁

And below the water was a parking lot!!

But how?

When this area had been underground for decades?

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  1. I would like this story to continue further.
    Thanks for joining us!

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    1. Wow, thank you for reblogging!! 😊

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