Write31~ Me ~ day 3

Hmm… Busy day today.. it’s 7:05pm and I’ve been doing laundry since 8:30am… Just undid my French braid I put in last night. I was looking Crazy from sleeping on that braid, but no cares.. I never got dressed or left my humble trailer today!!

No, no headcovering today… I was a serious hot mess… 👒

Today my mind is wandering and I am thinking about things I try to forget.. or things I’m not supposed to remember but do regardless.. 🤔

I read part of Daniel 8.. then reread it.. it definitely bears rereading again and some research … 📖

A day of praying about my husband and our relationship.. 🙏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🙏

A day of sewing masks for Matt 😷 🧵

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