Rambling from the Homestead

My life is so so much better because I have Jesus in it… simple answer that brought peace and calm… the ability to walk away from onslaughts with a smile and knowledge that He has this all under control.

What one person/place/thing has totally changed your life?

So much going on these days.. we thought, 10 years ago, that the world had gone crazy and days were flying by too fast.. look at 2020 in comparison to any past year…

Somehow it seems like time was going idly by at a relaxed pace before 2020 slapped us all in the face… 👀

So where do we all go from here?

Everything is upside down.. how do we plan in the middle of all of this?

Start with the next month… keep it simple and inexpensive… it seems to me, IMHO, getting away from spending as much as possible is a huge key to all of us going forward in a healthy manner.

Decorating and gift giving… homemade instead of store bought.. regardless of the holiday you celebrate in December, make all your decorations.. make this a family art project!

For gifts.. there’s whittling, hand sewing, coloring, painting… write an original poem or short story to gift!

I am saying to keep it inexpensive (and shop local) as we still are so up in the air with covidity, the economy and the election.. best to guard our pennies for now..

Okay, so you’ve got December going.. now let’s talk about the next year to five years!!

How do you plan with the world upside down and inside out all at the same time?!! Well, I’d take a step back..

How do you see your life in 5 years if everything were perfect? Take 3 minutes and make a list… …

Look at that list.. what parts can you start in the next year?

This next week, start working on this list.. spend a solid hour on one item at a time… make a phone call.. sort a closet.. rearrange a room… Google

See where it takes you..

Watch your dreams take shape!!

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