Write31 ~ Me ~ day 17

‘Day off’ although that’s not a reality … used to be my days off we’re spent lazily working on our homestead and making the mobile home park a better place for families…

Between winter 2020, covidity, election stealing, ect … well there is no new normal or any normal…

And we all have to hit our knees then hit the ground running every day just to keep up.

I worked Friday night then napped off/on Saturday… Worked Saturday night then slept soundly for about 3-4 hours this morning..

Then up and out the door to refill our small kerosene stash and the gas tank on my car… snow coming ❄️

Actually did brush my hair before I put on my head covering, but it went wacky anyways 🤪

Have a blessed day all..

Remember to seek God.. 🙏

🙏 He’s the only answer🙏

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