Stocked Up for Pandemic Quarantine?


Pandemic phase 8.. ?

Martial Law?

Anything is possible in 2020..

Are you stocked up on nonperishable food just in case? As you can see, we really aren’t. Yes, we have a few supplies, but there are huge gaps in our food preps.

We have mixed veggies, but rarely eat those. We don’t have any shelf stable cheeses!! 🧀 😢 And we only have a partially filled small bag dehydrated milk. 🥛

There are so many supplies I still need to stock up on.. I like to keep a solid one year supply of groceries on hand. I had a two year supply when I had my house. Right now I’m striving for a three month supply of foods we actually love!!

How does your pantry stack up for a long-term lockdown? 🥧🧇🧀🥗☕🧁

2 responses to “Stocked Up for Pandemic Quarantine?”

  1. I need to get more canned sausage gravy. It’s recently become a huge hit in our house. :)

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    1. Yes, need family favorites!! We need more knock-off velveeta cheese, pretzels, so many more cans of peas… …

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