Ready for Winter 2020?

Okay, so if the next level of 2020 Covidity-Jumanji is an all out Martian invasion, well, I’m toast! 🍞


Well, who really knows what total absurdity this year is going to throw at us next? I’m ready for a few things and still trying to figure out others..

The chickens love digging in dried leaves!

I filled their coop with fresh crisp leaves. As these decompose over the winter they will give off some heat to warm the coop.. and keep cute little chicken toes toasty!! 🐓

I piled leaves in the inner run also for sheltered outdoor digging fun.

Matt’s helping me to cut back this branch that is scraping on our roof.

We are still a long way from being ready for all the weird intense things a 2020 winter is capable of dropping on us, but we are making progress!! 🥶🛸🧟

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