🙏⛵Let’s Call it a Complete Life Reset 😊🙏

Waiting .. not necessarily my forte… but, I’ve been working at it.. still in all, well I’m done.. ok, so this is gonna ramble wildly at times.. if you can get through it.. (maybe grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine?).. well, I’m sharing a lot I’ve been thinking about and not sharing.. so…

I’m taking several big steps back… Like way way way back… Really looking at what’s going on, how things really are, where I know God wants me to go, how people treat me… AND how do all these connect/intersect..

#1 priority is God’s calling in my life and what He’s asking me to do next. Anyone or anything that contradicts that is not sent into my life by God so is suspect.. now that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m voiding out these, but that I’m making strictly sure they do NOT interfere. They may be here to help me grow or so that I can get Him into their lives or those situations..

I’m really looking, as you know, at who actually cares about me.. just because someone asks how I am doesn’t mean they care.. at all… in fact, many ask simply to be polite before they share their needs with me! I’m not eliminating people who don’t really care, just keeping them in their proper circle.

People who look down on me.. yeah, they’re their special mean kinda special.. 🙄 I’m avoiding them.. dealing with them only as much as I absolutely have to.. not unfriending on fb, but not following so I don’t have to see their posts and every snide comment.. but, in time, I will be weeding out my friend list to eliminate people who only criticize me.. life’s to short to deliberately surround myself by mean people.. keeping them, in time, at double/triple arm’s length.

So, where does this take me?

Let’s call it a complete life reset. .. 😊

I deserve to be happy.. treated with respect and caring.. I absolutely have to follow through on what God’s asked of me.. I need people in my inner inner circle who are on the same path.. and not everyone, really not many, can go with me where I’m going.. I need to take people who lift me up and are true friends..

I have a couple people who really ought to be in my inner inner circle, but who either relish cutting me down or tell me off regularly.. I don’t deserve this and they will be phased out over time.. the process has begun..

I’m working on a new plan and having So Much Fun!!

In 2025 I will be 62 years young/wild/energetic!! I can apply for SSI if I want to at that time. I’m beginning the process of setting everything in place for that. It also ties in 100% with what God’s asked of me so even more super fun!! Right now He’s leading me through the research phase (I love doing research!!).. I’m looking at ways to fulfill His plan for my humble life… Knowing He’s handed me a plan and shown me parts of what I’ll be doing in 2025 and why… So now I’m looking at what I need to do… What should I have done already.. this is a plan He already had me on but I literally jumped ship… So, getting back on track.. He handed me what I needed but I was too distracted by the irrelevant to get the job done right!!

A lot has happened since I jumped ship.. like seriously a whole crazy lot!! I’ve matured hugely and gotten way stronger.. I still love to make friends but am letting very few people into my real life now.. I can go forward so much more easily this way.

I can’t let anyone’s attitude/opinion/limitations stop/slow me down in accomplishing His goal.

As you ride out covidity where are you in rethinking your life? Planning for ‘retirement’? Pulling real friends closer? Setting firm boundaries with fake friends?

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2 responses to “🙏⛵Let’s Call it a Complete Life Reset 😊🙏”

  1. You go lady! You fully deserve respect & support and I pray for you to find more of it and less of the bulls*** 🙋‍♀️🐝

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    1. Bee H., Thank you 🤗⛵🤗🐝

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