☃️🚰Water w/Frozen Pipes?!! ☕

Pipes frozen?

It’s winter here and frozen pipes happen some years. I remember a couple years ago when the apartment building we lived in had no heat for about two weeks.. #somelandlordsareabovethecodes

We had no heat or running water provided (was supposed to be included in rent) because proper measures hadn’t been taken to provide for us. . it was really bad .. we survived!! Then moved 🏡

So, here we are now.. in our own trailer.. with frozen pipes..

We have thirsty chickens 🐓🐔

We have to have hot water for the girls.🐓 The new watering system we have is super simple. It’s a clear plastic bin.. we can easily fill, monitor clarity and clean it!! Today it simply needed a few gallons of hot water poured in to thaw it out.

So Matt headed out to clear our steps and walk/gather frozen fluffy water!!

I ran all that white fluff through the coffee maker… Soon the chickens had warm water to sip. Matt even refilled their food and gathered fresh eggs (we’re at 3/day).

So, a 1 gallon bucket of snow equals a 1/2 gallon of water. It is a bit of work to do this.. and best to not shovel the street (debris, oil, antifreeze, ect) but it’s definitely doable and easy. Just a bit time consuming.

Pipes frozen? Go shovel the yard and make some coffee!! ☕

2 responses to “☃️🚰Water w/Frozen Pipes?!! ☕”

  1. snow as water? It works! Very creative! xo

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    1. Thank you, ma’am.. a while back I watched via FB as my friends in Bradford, PA dealt with city water mains breaking daily.. their use of abundant snow for water taught me a lot 🌬️☃️🚰


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