Amazon, for a Warm Winter 2020/2021

I just ordered this!! My legs get so cold outside then hurt horribly. I miss long winter walks and hikes and I’m not ready to ache all the time and be old. Are you?

My solution? A long wearable blanket!!

I’m thinking, as this sounds like it runs big enough to accommodate a 3X woman easily (and I’m only a Lg in most things), I can wear it over my winter coat comfortably. It’s nice and long so should keep most of the winter wind off my legs while I’m out too. 🚶‍♀️🌬️

Because I use really amazing apps, I was able to apply gift cards for $20 of the $49 price!! Almost 1/2 free just for living my life!!

When it arrives I’ll post a review of it for you!!

4 responses to “Amazon, for a Warm Winter 2020/2021”

  1. Well it looks amazing! I hope it’s just as much worn! 🧥

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    1. I can’t wait till it gets here.. watching the tracking in Amazon.. still hadn’t shipped a bit ago.. 😁🧥

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      1. LoL 😂 I feel that! I’ve been watching tracking for a package since the 15th LoL

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      2. Yeah, and why has it still not shipped? Really?!?! 😏

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