😺Write31~ Manicotti’s World ~ day 16🐀

Manicotti spent a few hours stalking a mouse.. then, came out from behind the water heater with his prize, marching proudly across the room!

He played with it, tossing it in the air then chasing the poor dead thing down.

I try to give him time to enjoy his kill before disposing of it.

This time I was a bit preoccupied elsewhere so Manicotti took advantage and ate that horrible nasty thing..

He ate all but a few bits. Why would he devour the tail and fur yet avoid these parts? Hmm 🤔😏

Then he laid down on my bed to rest and glare at the corner the water heater is in, ears pricked waiting for even the faintest sound of another mini feast in the offing..

That’s when it happened.. yes, he should have known not to eat it.. after all, his tummy can only handle two brands of cat food.. Why had he even thought a nibble of a mouse paw would settle well on his delicate stomach? I watched the look on his face change and realized my poor cat was almost turning green.

Yes, up came the mouse 🐀 and the cat food he’d eaten and the bits of turkey I’d given him earlier. 🤢🤮

I comforted him and we had a talk about how dirty mice are … He just kept saying ‘yeah’ …

Hopefully he’ll remain a mouser but refrain from dining on them!

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