🛌A Dream .. 💭

I had a weird dream this morning..

I was at work.. I was filling in at a new client’s..

They had an autistic son who was coming home soon..

There was a table in his room.. like a dining room table.. and they wanted me to put a table cloth on it .. then, in the dream, I woke and was on the table with the table cloth as a blanket.. 🤪💤

Then it began to rain really hard.. the mom said she new they’d be ok for flooding cuz someone said so.. they were new to the house .. just moved in… I knew the block they lived on cuz my mom/I’d lived there .. knew she was gonna flood.. tried to warn her..

She told me to, “get back to work, if you can do your job finally”…

Well, in the dream I had fallen asleep on the table! 🍽️💤🤪

But the house I lived in in the memory in the dream is recurrent.. and I have 2 of these houses from dreams..

AND.. these houses are completely unrelated to any houses I remember living in or have been told I lived in..

But, there are memories I have that coincide with what I’ve been told was my childhood experience…

4 responses to “🛌A Dream .. 💭”

  1. thats a weird dream! Its weird what we dream, wonder if you were subconsciously thinking about your childhood before you fell asleep?

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    1. Maybe.. but job stress also played into it.. I’m still chuckling about napping on a dining room table 😂💤🤣

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      1. Yeah, that part was pretty dam funny 😉😘

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      2. Yeah, imagine it!! 🤣💤😂🍽️🤣


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