😿Write31 ~ Manicotti’s World ~ day 19🐈

4 responses to “😿Write31 ~ Manicotti’s World ~ day 19🐈”

  1. My dog is like that. I can’t go anywhere without him anymore. He is 14 and he goes crazy without me. But… I love him.

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    1. Manicotti found a way to get out.. so glad he didn’t freeze out there.. no idea how long he was outside.. he’s fine if we leave during the day but not at night.. poor thing 😿

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      1. We love our animals. They are like family. I’d go crazy if I lost my boyz. :/

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      2. Yes, Manicotti is my grandson.. I tossed and turned all night worried about him.. had a bad feeling… Was so glad to be home to him 🤗

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