🙏 Shattering Slowly 💔

My heart shattered into a million pieces.. not a quick shattering as in movies, but a slow torturous pulling apart over time. Slowly pieces began to separate until a final blow came like a yelling into a peaceful forest shatters it.

Can it be repaired? Yes, the healing is already beginning.. slowly, yet maybe more quickly than it shattered as I am stronger now for the shattering.

I deserve better than this.

You may not treat me this way any more.

I am stronger now.

Somehow, impossibly, even more resilient.

The strength I longer for has come.

A prayer answered 🙏

But the shattering, was that an answer to my prayers?

I pray, almost daily, for Him to sift people, places and situations in/out of our lives (my family’s) so we can serve Him better…

Was this un-sudden change a result of my prayers?

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